The Power of Being Silent

The Power of Being Silent

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations I will be exalted in the earth.”

Psalm 46:10 (NIV)


Do you know that most people struggle to be silent?


Being silent seems easy, but it is not.  With so many things running in our minds and the world, it is hard to quiet down our hearts and be still. But the thing is, being silent helps us to know who God is.


Silence is a biblical discipline that Christians need to practice. Our Lord made quiet times part of his life. There are times he would withdraw from the crowd and spend time alone.  Like him, we need to spare sometime in the day, week, or month and spend time in solitude.  (Mark 1:35)


The truth is:


Most of us fear silence because it puts us in a state where we have to deal with what is going on in our hearts or in other cases, it makes us seem weak. The Bible tells us that there is a time to keep silent and a time to speak.  We need to know when to speak and when to be quiet. 

Why being quiet is Powerful

Good for your well-being

Did you know that silence is good for your overall health?


Yes, silence will help lower your blood pressure and prevent heart attacks. God expects us to take good care of our bodies and what better way than through practising silence? Being quiet will also lead to soul healing as the deep hurts in your soul will be brought to the surface by the Holy Spirit so that God can heal you.


Helps us reassess our lives

Truth is,  it is difficult to assess your life if you are caught up with the noise of this world.  Silence will help you to spend time alone and access your life.  Now it may be difficult at first, but as time goes on, you will start to enjoy being silent.


Allows us to hear from God

There are different ways that God speaks to us; one of them is through the still small voice.  Silence will help you to be sensitive to the still small voice of God that is always counseling us. (1Kings 19:11-13)


When you spend time in silence to hear from God, the Holy Spirit refills your life with vitality.

Helps us to avoid conflict

Now, practicing silence will not help you in your relationship with God alone, it will also help you when dealing with conflict.


There will be times in life when people will get to your last nerve but remember you don’t have to fight all battles.  Our ego makes it hard for us to watch someone walk all over us, but it is better to keep quiet.


Turn to God in prayer and keep quiet when someone offends you. To the outside world, you may seem weak when you do that, but at the end of the day, you will have avoided a lot of issues. The word of God tells us to bless those who offend us and allow God to deal with them.


So let God deal with the person that is offending you by holding your peace and remaining silent. (Proverbs 17: 27-28)


All in all


Silence is the most powerful weapon for someone that wants to experience spiritual growth and avoid conflict.  By being silent, we open up doors for the Holy Spirit to counsel us and refill our lives with vitality.

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