Experience a new freedom

Selah Counseling Service will help you experience a new sense of freedom by tapping into your power and living in your truth. Today is the day to take control of your mental health.

"I felt a personal connection with Ms. Theresa. She created a safe place for me to be vulnerable. It felt so normal sharing my thoughts and fears - as if she were meant to be there for me in that very moment. And, she was there. I felt it in my spirit and I'm so thankful."

My approach

I believe that the key to healing is tapping into your spiritual being and focusing on your faith. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who combines faith with practical training.

couples counseling

We work with couples to develop effective communication skills that will allow them to listen and take necessary action. With private sessions and support groups, we can meet your needs.

Take charge of your life today

It has never been easier to make your mental health a priority.