5 Yummy Things to Brighten Your Day or Calm Your Night

1. Put together a Bento Box!

A Bento is a single-portion take-out or home-packed meal. Throw all your creative energy into making one of these!

2. Brew a calming cup of tea (or hot coco)!

All you need is a mug and some water! Tea and other warm drinks help to calm anxiety and relive stress.

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3. Bake some cookies!

Here are a few recipes!

Chocolate Chip | Peanut Butter | Sugar Cookies | Snickerdoodles

Baked Cookies on Brown Rack

4. Savor some ice cream!

Chow down on some of your favs.

Ice Cream on Green Plastic Container

5. Have a Sandwich!

Sometimes, simplicity is best.

Wheat Bread Sandwich

5 Destressing Activities

Imagine stress is water, and you’re a bucket. As you get more and more stressed, your bucket will fill up. Eventually, your bucket will start to get heavier and hevaier, weighing you down. In order to avoid this, we destress, putting in spouts to let the water out before it gets too full! Here are 10 ways to destress after a particularly stressful time!

1. Listen to Music 

Studies show that music has a unique link to our emotions that will help us to manage stress and relax. Check out our playlist here.

2. Take a Bath or Shower

Warmth stops pain sensors in the nerves and makes muscles relax. You’ll be less tense and get clean. You can even add bath bombs or salts to make it more fun.

3. Spend time with animals

Research shows that playing with animals releases feel good hormones (such as oxytocin) in humans.

4. Write down what you’re worrying about

This can be extremely soothing because it helps you to get off your chest your worries and get organized.

5. Create!

Just pick something you enjoy and start creating. It’ll help you get your mind off things!

Need more ideas? Look here!

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5 Self-Care Tips for the Body & Soul

1. Don’t Over-Think

You don’t need to have the answers to all of life’s riddles. Life is an unfolding, a discovering, an adventure. Sometimes over-thinking it all can get you into trouble. You miss out on the journey you’re actually on when you’re always stuck in your head. Take it all in with grace and grace will lead you in the right direction.

2. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Comparing yourself to others with envy robs you of appreciation for the sacred place your life is in at any given moment. Everyone has had their own long journey and you don’t know what that journey has been like for them ~ how they’ve struggled, what mistakes they’ve made. Use any jealousy you feel as your guide, it’s just showing you what you want in life. Let it lead you to take actions that advance your goals.

3. Eat Green!

Greens, greens and more greens. The more you eat them, the more your tastebuds change and you realize just how delicious food from the earth truly is. The lighter you feel, the better your skin looks, the more energy you have. It’s so easy to slack on healthy eating whenever we’re feeling down or overwhelmed, which only makes us feel worse. Stop and remind yourself to nourish your body, no matter what, and you’ll be able to take empowered steps forward.

4. Don’t Live on Social Media

It’s of course fun to be social. But reading through peoples statuses too often can lead to so many negative feelings, including depression. It’s like watching an advertising campaign for everyone’s life. It’s all shiny and sparkly and well-crafted to present the best, making you feel as though you’re the only one struggling in life. It’s okay to use, but limit it.

5. Watch Less TV

Such a hard habit to break, it’s so tempting to get lost in a Netflix binge. But too much TV robs you of time, creativity and sleep. Goals fly out the window. Motivation gets lost. So does conversation. TV is addictive and it lures you in, try to keep it in moderation.

BONUS: Just Be You

You are perfect. You are invaluable. You are enough.

“We cannot think of being acceptable to others until we have first proven acceptable to ourselves.” 
― Malcolm X

[Courtesy of Strong Sensitive Souls https://strongsensitivesouls.com/25-self-care-tips-for-the-body-soul/]


Therapy Is Self Care

Making your mental health a priority is a big part of self care. No matter how well you are physically, your mental health is vital to maintaining optimal health. Poor mental health causes stress which affects your physical being resulting in high blood pressure, anxiety and more. Research shows that many people take their mental health for granted and do not make it a priority leading to many longterm issues. 

What does your strength come from…”I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phil 4:13